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La Cooperativa Humanitaria designs, develops, and implements tailor-made training in face-to-face, blended, or virtual modality, to respond to the training needs of organisations in the field, as well as professionals and volunteers in international cooperation or humanitarian action, and in general, all those who want to develop in this topic. Our team 

Additionally, La Cooperativa Humanitaria offers innovative training activities for business schools, universities, and companies set in the context of international cooperation and humanitarian action. These are experiential workshops aimed at promoting internal attitude modification, working on people management, and developing skills such as leadership, creativity, or results orientation to boost high-performance teams in uncertain contexts. In these simulations, personnel are exposed to the challenges and critical situations faced by humanitarian workers in the field for transformative learning.

We have experience in designing and implementing training activities for various non-governmental organisations aimed at training logistics, healthcare, administrative personnel, program managers, and security management in responding to humanitarian emergencies.

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Doctors without Borders, Action against Hunger, MPDL, JRS, Oxfam, Terre des Hommes, Médicos del Mundo, Entreculturas, CARE International, IWGIA, FIIAPP, Spanish RedCross, Plan-International, Educo, Caritas, Humana, IESE, IE Bussiness School, La Salle, URV, UdG, ISGlobal, EADA, Tecnocampus, EUIT, COIB, NOHA, Universidad de los Andes, UAB, Prosics, Colegio de Médicos de Guipúzkoa, ESADE, PeopleExcellence, GFT, Arvatos, Geodis, Saria, Airbus, Ibf, BCN Supercomputing Centre, Cooltra