PPD Technical Week for MSF

ITFC setup

During last week of September 2017, La Cooperativa Humanitaria performed simultaneously, both medical and logistics technical week for MSF-OCBA PPD (Préparation Premier Départ).

During this week, people with different professional profiles are getting prepared and trained technically and on different managerial aspects for their first field departure with Médecins Sans Frontières.

PPD Medical technical week was performed by La Cooperativa Humanitaria for the first time in Barcelona with Nines Lima, Núria Salse and Xavier Bartrolí as facilitators, being the three of them medical profiles. This was a complete reviewed medical technical week designed by MSF, aiming to make it more practical and focused on preparing future field staff for their new roles and responsibilities.

On the other hand and at the same time, logistics technical week was implemented in Casavells, in La Cooperativa Humanitaria’s physical headquarters, by Marc Salvadó, Núria Pagès and Irene Schiess as facilitators, all of them with logistics background. The PPD logistics technical week underwent a thorough review during March 2017 with a complete simulation approach.

Although both technical weeks are really intense for both, participants and facilitators, they are always a source of knowledge and inspiration as performing these kind of trainings is the backbone of this organisation and it is where the experience in training and humanitarian aid becomes more rewarding for all of our members.