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La Cooperativa Humanitaria - Universidades y másters

We offer informative sessions, introduction workshops and training courses related to international cooperation and humanitarian action. The length and the content of which are always defined according to the needs and interests of the target public.

These sessions and trainings are focused on introducing the basic aspects defining a humanitarian crisis response at a general level or specifically treating one or several basic components of this response, such as Health, Nutrition, Epidemiology, Logistics, Project Cycle Management, Logistics, Evaluation or Security Management.

Training medical and health staff attending postgraduates, masters of tropical medicine, nursing schools, residents of different specialities or employed specialists.

  • Understand the main challenges, politics and economical aspects related to humanitarian aid. How to guarantee the...
From 20 to 40 hours
Face-to-face and On-Line
Spanish, Catalan, English and French

Influence on the evolution of managerial leadership, effective project management and high performance teams by identifying and developing skills, abilities and values ​​such as integration, leadership, teamwork, cohesion or commitment.

Contribute as well to raise awareness of the work...

From 3 to 7 hours
Spanish, Catalan, English and French
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