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La Cooperativa Humanitaria - Escuelas e institutos

Through informative lectures, educational workshops and Problem-Based Learning (PBL), we aim to raise awareness in school and high school students about humanitarian aid. We also offer students the opportunity to meet first-hand different professionals with a large experience in the field. 

All activities are tailor-made according to the needs of the school and the level of the students, and always using a very practical and experience-based methodology with a high interactive component.

Raise students' awareness about global poverty and the role of international cooperation and humanitarian aid to assist populations’ victims who fall victim of war and/or humanitarian crises.

From 75 to 120 minutes
Face to face
Spanish, Catalan, English and French
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The overall objective is to contribute to raise awareness about the reality of displaced and refugee population’s worldwide, their problems and the humanitarian response they are offered in the field.

According to the interests of each school and students, other specific objectives can be...

From 3 to 7 hours
Face to face
Spanish, Catalan, English and French
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Asesorar y acompañar a la comunidad educativa en todo el proceso de implementación y adaptación de las medidas necesarias de Prevención y Control de la Infección (PCI) frente a la COVID-19 de acuerdo a las instrucciones y protocolos definidos por las autoridades.

Según necesidad y objetivos
Presencial o virtual
Español, catalán y portugués
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