Consulting services

La Cooperativa Humanitaria aims to contribute to improve the quality of humanitarian crisis response from the NGO’s involved by means of sharing our experience and knowledge of the professionals in our team.

The overall experience in humanitarian aid and the multidisciplinary profiles allows us to evaluate and analyse possible aspects in order to improve and propose alternatives to lead the required transformation processes.

Variable according to the Terms of Reference
Spanish, Catalan, English and French


  • Evaluate and analyse management and technical internal procedures
  • Propose alternatives to points of improvement
  • Design and implement training and internal dissemination activities


La Coooperativa Humanitaria counts on a multidisciplinary team with a vast experience in humanitarian aid and humanitarian emergency responses in different contexts.

All of them can contribute and provide advice in management and technical aspects such as:

  • Project management internal procedures
  • Security management
  • Medical Technical aspects
  • Logistics Technical aspects and supply chain management
  • Specific training activities for staff development
  • Contingency plans and emergency response


The methodology used in each evaluation or consulting service will depend on its objectives, but in any case, the process will always include the following essential phases for:

  • Diagnosis
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection
  • Impact analysis
  • Recommendations definition and action plan

Previous experiences

  • Audit logistique de la mission Niger pour MSF-OCBA
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