Dynamics for companies and particulars

The Cooperativa Humanitaria team contributes, from their own personal and professional experience, to the constant transformation process that experiences any Company through the transfer of skills and abilities.

We frame the process in three areas of impact mainly:

  • Leader: improve behaviours associated with inspiration, facilitation and collaboration
  • Team: facilitate the evolution of teamwork. From the confrontation phase to the cohesion phase (high-performance).
  • Organization: facilitating the evolution of attributes, values and culture.

We enhance the process through collaborative models that foster innovation, in an integrative and experiential way, based on the principles and values of humanitarian aid.

This group of experts and multidisciplinary professionals (emergencies coordination, security management, medical technicians, logistics technicians, water and sanitation technicians and supply specialists), have been confronted to several humanitarian emergency situations in which it is essential to count with standard procedures and high-performance teams to guarantee the best quality, most efficiency and efficacy within the shortest time possible.

Workshops of mínimum 4 hours
Spanish, Catalan, English and French


Encourage the transformation of work teams into high performance teams by identifying and developing skills, capabilities and values ​​such as integration, leadership, teamwork, cohesion or engagement.

In the end, accompany the opening of mind to new challenges and create an open organization.


The content of the work sessions and its duration will be defined according to the needs, specific objectives and competencies required by each company or private entity. The Cooperativa Humanitaria counts on a multidisciplinary team widely experienced in the response to humanitarian emergencies and the support of human resources development professionals who will allow your teams to:

  • Detect competencies and managerial skills to be reinforced
  • Improve leadership abilities, teamwork or internal solidarity
  • Work on project planning tools
  • Ensure focus on results.


The methodologies defined and used will depend on the final objectives of each session and the competencies that each company wishes to improve in order to contribute to internal transformation. In any case, the sessions may include:

  • Case studies based on real humanitarian emergencies and own experiences
  • Group discussions
  • Simulations or demonstrations on the use of original material
  • Role plays
  • Skill practices in individual and group exercises

Previous experiences

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