We promote, develop, organize and implement different training and sensitization activities related to humanitarian aid and international cooperation with the social aim to turn interest into activism…

With our tailor-made workshops, trainings, informative sessions and stays to raise awareness in which, in a very practical and experience-based way, and through the sharing of our knowledge and personal experiences, participants will acquire the knowledge and the awareness needed to grasp the reality of humanitarian aid.


Since June 2019, La Cooperativa Humanitaria has been involved in the design and development of several workshops for MSF Geneva Operational Centre as... read more
El 14/11/2019 emepzamos una formación promovida por la agencia catalana de cooperación en gestion de la seguridad dirigida a ONGD's Le 14/11/2019,... read more

The Cooperativa Humanitaria is a non-profit cooperative society composed by professional humanitarian workers with an extended experience in humanitarian aid especially in emergency response situations and humanitarian crises affecting populations victims of conflicts and wars, natural disasters, outbreaks and nutritional crisis. 


Ours is a social based initiative. Our aim is to increase the critical mass within the general population, encouraging more people to get involved in humanitarian aid. At the same time, we aim to contribute to improve the capacity and the quality of those professional workers directly involved in humanitarian crisis response. We are ruled by a strong ethical commitment grounded in social economy, complementarity and optimization of resources available for humanitarian aid.


Through Cooperativa Humanitaria, we wish to raise awareness and knowledge within our society about humanitarian aid and international cooperation and the response provided by non-governmental agencies.